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Terms and Conditions

1 Acceptance of the general selling conditions

1 The contract stipulated between Cesare Toffolo Company and the Customer is understood as concluded by the mailing of the order from the Customer.

Nevertheless Cesare Toffolo Company reserves the unilateral right not to accept the order in the presence of unclear or unreliable information about the Customer or about the country of destination of the goods.

By implementing an order with the various provided forms the Customer declares he has looked over all the informations given him during the purchase procedure and completely accepts the following described general terms and payment conditions.

2 Any right of the Customer to compensation for damages or an indemnity, as well as whatever contractual or not laid down by contract responsibility due to immediate or consequential damages to persons or things caused by the even partial refusal of an order is excluded.

2 Purchase conditions

1 The Customer can purchase only the articles shown on Cesare Toffolo’s electronic catalogue at the moment of the mailing of the order and presented at the addresse (URL) :, as described in the relative information forms. It is understood that the image supplied with the describing form of an item cannot exactly correspond to his features but may slightly differ.

Small differences in size, color or small bubbles in the glass pieces are tipical in the

handmade glass work.

2 Cesare Toffolo Company confirms the correct receipt of an order by an e-mail answer, sent to the electronic mail address communicated by the Customer. The message carries all the data inserted by the Customer who undertakes to verify the exactness and to rapidly transmit any possible adjustments, according with the provided conditions in this document.

3 Cesare Toffolo Company guarantees timely communication to the Customer in case of rejection of an order.

4 In case of cancellation of an order, either by the Customer or in case of rejection from Cesare Toffolo Company, the cancellation of the transaction and the disengaging of the committed sum will be claimed by Cesare Toffolo Company. The disengaging times, for some typology of credit cards, exclusively depend on the bank system and can reach its natural time limit, (24th day from the permission/authorization date). Once the transaction has been cancelled, in no case Cesare Toffolo Company can be held responsible for possible immediate or consequential damages caused by the disengaging delay of the committed sum by the bank system.

5 Should the order of the Customer, by any chance, be executed beyond the 23rd day from the sending-in date, Cesare Toffolo Company will charge the dues anyway to the Customer’s credit card, even in advance on the physical delivery of the goods, in order to avoid the expiration of the authorization of the transaction (24 days).

6 During the phases of the purchase procedure, Cesare Toffolo is never able to know the information concerning the essential data of the credit card of the buyer, transmitted through safe connection directly to the site of the banking company which conducts the transaction. No computerized archive of Cesare Toffolo Company will keep the above mentioned data. Therefore, in no case Cesare Toffolo Company can be held responsible for possible fraudulent and illegal use of credit cards by a third party, on payment of articles purchased on the web site

7 Cesare Toffolo Company assures the entire reimbursement of the possible already paid sums in case of refusal of an already sent order or in case of shortage of the already ordered goods.

3 Freight expenses and delivery conditions

1 Cesare Toffolo Company can accept orders with delivery in Italy (islands included), France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Principality of Monaco, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa. As regards the above not mentioned nations, Cesare Toffolo Company reserves the right to decide to accept the order or not, subject to telephone or via e-mail contact with the possible Customer interested in the purchase.

2 The freight and delivery expenses are charged to Cesare Toffolo Company. The payment of the goods by the Customer will be done with the foreseen  method of payment when ordering. Nothing more than the total of the order is due by the Customer.

3 Cesare Toffolo Company cannot be considered responsible for possible delays of the execution of an order or of the delivery of what ordered.

4 The delivery must be intended in the street, except for explicit instructions by our Customer service. At the moment of the delivery of the goods by the carrier the Customer is bound to verify: that the number of items corresponds to what is specified on the via e-mail before sent freight document, that the package is integral, undamaged, not wet or anyway altered, even in the fastening materials (adhesive tape and metallic straps). Possible damages or the failing compliance of the items or indications number, must immediately be notified to the carrier who carries out the delivery. Once the document of the carrier has been signed, the Customer will not be able to make any objection about the external state of what was delivered. Possible problems concerning the physical integrity, the compliance or the completeness of the received articles must be reported within 7 days at most from the delivery, sending in time an image of the broken article near its own box by e.mail or mailing post. The article will be replaced as soon as possible.

5 In case of failed collection within 5 working days of the unclaimed goods in the storerooms of the carrier due to repeated impossibility to deliver to the address specified by the Customer when ordering, the order will be automatically cancelled and the restitution expenses will be charged to the Customer.

6 Cesare Toffolo Company uses for the deliveries the operators UTC, UPS, Post Office Service Pacco Celere, as Cesare Toffolo Company ‘s discretion.

4 Privacy

The requested personal data on the implementing of the order are exclusively gathered and handled in order to satisfy the express requests of the Customer and in no way will they be given to a third party. Cesare Toffolo assures his Customers the observance of the regulations concerning the personal data handling, regulated by the code of the privacy ( DL 196 30.06.2003). The holder of the data handling is CESARE TOFFOLO, Fondamenta Vetrai, 67/a, 30141 Murano VE Italy.

Cesare Toffolo Company manages and handles the data of its Customers with privacy and correctness, fully observing the law n. 675/96 which guarantees that the personal data be handled respecting the rights of the basic liberties, as well as the dignity of the physical persons, particularly referring to privacy and personal identity.

According with the paragraph 10 of the aforesaid law, we inform You that the only purpose of the handling of the data (which will be done automatically), is to proceed with the correct execution of the contract. When necessary, Cesare Toffolo Company will arrange to transmit the data to the designated shipping company as well as to other possible companies qualified to handle the selling and shipment phases of the products. The communication of the data is obligatory in that it is necessary for a regular execution of the selling contract.

We furthermore inform the clientele that, subject to agreement of the Customer, the personal data will be handled in order to provide information concerning the  Cesare Toffolo Company activity such as news, initiatives, expositions. We underline that the adhesion(assent) to this procedure is absolutely optional.

In no way the information in our possession will be used for different purposes from the aforesaid ones, or communicated to external companies.

Regarding the handling of the data, the Customer will be able to exercise in the cognizant offices his rights, provided in the paragraph 13 of the law 675/96.

5 Complaints

The Customer who, for any reason, is not satisfied with the purchase, has the right to withdrawing from the contract, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within 10 working days from the day of receipt of the purchased goods. The withdrawal will have to be done by sending (by the mailing of) a registered letter with return receipt, within the aforesaid time limit, to the following address: CESARE TOFFOLO  Fondamenta Vetrai, 67/a, 30141 Murano VE Italy. Within the same time limit, a telegram or a fax can be sent, which will have to be followed within 48 hours, by the afore mentioned registered letter, to confirm the express withdrawal. The Customer can not exercise the aforesaid withdrawal right for customized articles. All the purchased goods, undamaged and inside their original package, will have to be returned to the supplier, within the above mentioned 10 days time limit, without any shortcoming. The return expenses will be paid by the Customer. Cesare Toffolo Company will manage to send the whole sum paid by the Customer within 14 days from the date of the receipt of the returned goods , except for possible restoration expenses, due to verified damages to the goods. In case the aforesaid sum has been paid by credit card, Cesare Toffolo will manage to credit the Customer’s bank account with the same sum, through the company of issue, otherwise the Customer will rapidly communicate the essential data of his bank account in order to obtain the money transfer.

6 Applicable law

The selling contract between the Customer and Cesare Toffolo Company is understood concluded in Italy and ruled according with the Italian law. As regards the solution of possible legal controversies deriving from the conclusion of this remote selling contract, the court of justice of Venezia Italy has the territorial jurisdiction.

Cesare Toffolo Company, located in Fondamenta Vetrai, 67/a, 30141 Murano VE Italy, is the holder of the web site

7 Methods of payment

The method of payment of the goods  utilized on the Cesare Toffolo Company web-site is the following:

Payment by Paypal through the safe server of the Paypal, offers the possibility to make safe purchases and does not require particular software.

Please note the prices of articles on the pages of  Cesare Toffolo ‘s web site is already inclusive of packing and shipping charges.

All shipment in the countries of the EU  are exempt from duties. All other countries are subject to duties which varyby country and type of item imported.

Import duties are charged to the customer.


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Cesare Toffolo, located in Fondamenta Vetrai, 67/a, 30141 MURANO VE Italy, is the holder of the handling of the data.